Daniel Desjardins

Daniel Desjardins, Luthier

A short word about me…

Classical guitar has been the focus of my life since I was 10 years old, first as a performer, guitarist and lute-player, then as a guitar-maker.

It was an encounter through recordings with Julian and John (Bream and Williams, of course) that started it all! Since then, not a day of my life has gone by without the guitar being part of it.

I started in lutherie by making lutes, inspired by a tradition from the Renaissance, when it was not uncommon for recorder players to make their own instruments as well. I asked, why wouldn’t I make my own lutes? When I later started producing classical guitars, I was merely returning to my first love.

I experience a profound sense of pleasure when I work with wood to give it life, to animate it and to imbue it with a sonic spirit, a soul and a voice. My experience as a musician allows me to have a unique vision as an instrument maker. My striving and quest to produce the perfect instrument are constantly driven by this same perspective, that of a performer.